About D J Kevie Kev Rockwell

My Hip-hop Journey

I Really don’t like Interviews but lately I’ve had a lot lately so I thought I would share some of my story with those who haven’t heard my interviews, my Career began By Being Embrace  By True Iconic Legends with Each one Playing A Big Part in My Growth in Hip-hop.

It’s been a long journey that continues to amaze me, my friends, my family and most importantly my fans. It’s called my longevity. When I grew up, Hip-hop was like a sport to be the best you had to take out the best. I’ve was fortunate to be surrounded by some legendary DJ’s and MC‘s my crew, legendary The Fantastic Five Featuring Grand Wizard Theodore Master,  Rob Water Bed Kev, Iceman Dotarock,  Rest In Peace King, Ruby Dee & The Prince and Prince Whipper Whip. Being part of that historic group I was able to capture some of the greatest moments and memories in hip-hop history like the movie Wild Style.

Historic hip-hop battles like the Fantastic Five verses the Cold Crush, Brothers Busy Bee vs. Kool Moe Dee, and historic M C and D J conventions. Then the historic hip-hop venues like the Audubon ballroom, The Renaissance ‘Harlem World just to name a Few!!! Also watching Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic 5 Never lose a battle! Being Embraced By some iconic legendary DJs like Disco King Mario Grandmaster Flash, Africa Bambaataa, Kool Herc and of course the creator of scratch Grand Wizzard Theodore. It was an honor I was always truly amaze how I was able to even involve myself with these guys but it’s the dedication & hard work along with some skills that the good Lord bless me with.

When I use to hang out with these guys and for those that was also privileged to D J with them you had to have a style of your own and your cuts better be tight to go on before or after them Legends.  One day a close friend of mine introduce Disco King Mario to me he actually brought him to my house and the legend Disco king Watch Me DJ and at that time I didn’t even know who he was. I love your style I want to bring you outside so everybody can see you DJ so I was so excited specially after finally knowing who Disco King Mario really is so I go outside with Mario in Bronx River Park and I had a ball. I stayed within myself and just played like I did in the house and the crowd went crazy I had speed and skills Cutting Records up so this one day I was in the park with The legendary Disco King Mario after Many sets under my belt now comfortable with Him and the crowd in Bronx river park. But this one day I was cutting up good times I was catching the goods you will never hear times so according to Master Rob From The legendary Fantastic 5. The connection began like this. Rob and Grand Wizard Theodore and Water Bed Kev was leaving Bronx River Park when they heard me cutting good times I was told by Master Rob & Water Bed Kev That they then turned around and came back just so they can see who was cutting good times up Yes the creator scratch and two of the legendary Fantastic Five members. Kev & Rob came back yes to see me.

Now moving forward a few more Bronx River sets under my belt Grandmaster Flash saw Me he then later told Disco Bee to bring me to his house so we had this meeting and Flash goes you’re a good DJ and I like your crew I’m going to let you guys open for me and the fantastic five at the new Ecstasy Garage that was my first hip-hop party in 1980 the new ecstasy garage with a Grand Wizard Theodore a Grandmaster Flash and there Legendary MC’s The Fantastic 5 & Furious 5. I then was hired by a promoter called LADY BLUE she would have me open up For the legends like Africa Bambaataa Grand Wizzard Theodore at Roller Skating Rings or Clubs Like the Dance interior Roxy’s Lime light just to name a few As Years went by I Actually Retired in 1989 when my second son was born I took a job at a ambulance  company and became a Dispatcher then Supervisor then Eventually The General Manager in 2012 I was Diagnosed with renal carcinoma cancer in my left kidney I Was given Choices The Choice I decided to take was surgery Remove The Kidney I have been Cancer Free for 8 years Now Thank God. But Then I ran into a childhood friend at That Time and she had a Show with Uncle Ralph McDaniel’s from Video Music Box that Lit a Fire under me so I hook up with 3 of My Favorite Nephews

The late Maxamillion ‘Double J ‘and My Man Popalot. They showed me the new ropes set me up with social media Scratch Live Business cards and I was off and running again but I realize I could make it back quickly because of my Hip-hop History but I was Rusty I needed work so I practice and eventually I was able to regain my skills. I also had some wonderful Promoter’s like Troy Buckley Raymond Sampson Russell Mans they hired me to do some of their party’s that open some more eyes and I ended up one night playing For The Aquarius Boys finale Celebration I was pulled to the side at the end of the party By Mr. Mick Benzo and he reached in his pocket and gave Me a extra 300 $ bucks he thanked me for rocking the party.

Then two weeks after that he hired me to play on one of his many Radio Stations it was called THE ART OF RAP RADIO Managed by my brother Spice. A Few weeks after that I was hired to be the Official DJ for the Art of rap and Comedy and soon to make its debut The Art of R&B it’s been a Wonderful Journey with a lot of ups and down but thru it all I am still playing on the Big Stages and Having Fun. I have also added teaching to My Resume. For The Next Level a program sponsored by the United States government which allows you to travel to different countries and teach the culture of hip-hop So those who Know me well I am quite sure you seen it all With Me !! These days my circle is Small Shout out To Team Rockwell Gus Newsome My Manager Mick Benzo His Assistant Mr. David Bolds My Road Manager Dion Lee and ICE-T also My Brothers Scorpio From The Furious 5, the Ethiopian King Bar Shon for your knowledge, wisdom support and most important Your Loyalty.  My Sons Grandsons and Granddaughters for keeping me young in spirit Thanks To You all.

I am a firm believer that if you give love spread your love comes back to you in abundance Support Your Comrades Your Friends and Family Believe in yourself when no one believes in you. You control your own faith make your dreams come true. Like I did D.J. Kevie Kev Rockwell.

Shout out To My Good Friend Afrika Islam, also The Legendary FORCE MD’s, Stevie D Lundy, Khalid Lundy, and Zieme Capers.  May The Force Be With You Legends and Mick Benzo Your Are a Genius. Thanks Boss.


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