DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell

I Really don’t like Interviews but lately I’ve had a lot lately so I thought I would share some of my story with those who haven’t heard my interviews, my Career began By Being Embrace By True Iconic Legends with Each one Playing A Big Part in My Growth in Hip-hop.

It’s been a long journey that continues to amaze me, my friends, my family and most importantly my fans. It’s called my longevity. When I grew up, Hip-hop was like a sport to be the best you had to take out the best. I’ve was fortunate to be surrounded by some legendary DJ’s and MC‘s my crew, legendary The Fantastic Five Featuring Grand Wizard Theodore Master, Rob Water Bed Kev, Iceman Dotarock, Rest In Peace King, Ruby Dee & The Prince and Prince Whipper Whip. Being part of that historic group I was able to capture some of the greatest moments and memories in hip-hop history like the movie Wild Style.

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