The birth of Rockwell INC. came in 1977 with merger of the Rockwell Crew, DJ B. Ward and DJ Kevie Kev in Marble Hill New York. These two DJ’s decided to take components of two good DJ crews and combine them to make one great team. The elements were DJ Kevie Kev and DJ B. Ward with MC’s Crazy Dee, CB, Lil Dee and Suzy. Rockwell INC’s first major event was a battle against DJ Easy E of Harlem in a “Battle for the top DJ Crew”, in the of Manhattan and The Bronx. Event was held at the Promenade in Marble Hill section of the Bronx. Needless to say, from all in attendance Rockwell INC; Epic performance propelled them into the conversation for top billing in the early days of Rap/Hip HOP.

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